Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Trade update

Eek! It appears that things are getting close on a deal for Eric Gagne, which, after some thought, I am more excited about than a trade for Jermaine Dye. Not just because of my personal Dye issues, either... I would just love to have another strong 6th-7th-8th inning guy besides Okajima on board for the post-season. A strong righty like Gagne would perfectly complement southpaw Okajima. Yes. YES. Let's do this, Texas, you sly cats. Texas, sticking to their strategy of trading away big name older players in favor of hot prospects, would acquire Kason Gabbard, who, sure is 4-0 over 7 starts, but is really just a misspelled Jason when you think about it. I'll be obsessively watching MLB.com for the rest of the night to see where this trade goes. Apparently, the Sox are on Gagne's restricted list, since Papelbon's status as The Money Closer would prevent Gagne from getting lots of save opportunities (read: lots of big fat bonus checks). Come on, Eric. Texas blows. Don't you want to at least PLAY in October?

Also, we've traded Joel Piniero to the Cards for an as-yet-unnamed mystery player. Could it be? Could it be?! Could the Cards finally be releasing my beloved from their farm system so he can emerge, phoenix-like, as a power-hitting outfielder for the Red Sox? Sigh... I'm sure it's not. But hey, a girl can dream, can't she?

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