Tuesday, April 22, 2008

All's well in the world of Boston sports!

The Casa FutureMrs is somewhere in this photo, taken from just a block below the finish line. Not pictured: big pink aviator sunglasses and red Solo cups.

So, to recap from this weekend:

  1. The Sox swept Texas in a 4-game series at Fenway, outscoring the hapless Rangers 30-14. I still wish we'd held onto Kason Gabbard instead of trading him for that no-good sack of crap Gagne.
  2. The Celtics took Game 1 of the first-round playoffs series against Atlanta behind dominant performances from Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce (who hit 3 3-pointers within the first 5 minutes of the game). I've literally been waiting for this series to happen since last July. It felt good.
  3. Something like 40,000 people ran past my apartment in a spectacular display of tenacity and athletic prowess while I drank beer and sat in the sun.

Yep, so that's it for sports in Boston this weekend!


Sean said...

Nothing like having people drunkenly catcall me on the way to work at 8AM. Actually, come to think of, that's the third time that's happened since I moved here.

Boston kicks ASS!

futuremrsrickankiel said...

Whoops, sorry. That might have been me...

dwfma. said...

what, did you miss the Bruins / Canadiens score?