Sunday, March 30, 2008

Gearing up for baseball season

From my good friend Mike, who is a Yankees fan (we got into a baseball fight the very first day we met and bonded instantly as a result):

11:48 PM Michael:i'm psyched for Yankees opening day, which is the highlight of my week no matter what
me: fab
11:49 PM Michael: trying to decide whether tomorrow is a rizzuto jersey day or a matsui jersey day
matsui did just get married, so he might win out
Michael: aroooooo
me: I'm so excited it's baseball again I can't even hate on your Yankees nonsense
like the thought of a Matsui jersey actually just made me smile
Michael: haha
11:50 PM oh!
i got to experience how the other half lives last week
i was wearing a boston shirt
not a red sox shirt
just a boston shirt
and some fat guy wearing a cheetos-stained Devils t-shirt came up to me and said "hey, boston fuckin' sucks!"
"I'm a Yankee fan, buddy."
"They fuckin' SUCK!"
11:51 PM "'re brilliant."

'Nuff said. Boston and New York are ready for baseball, that's for sure.

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