Saturday, March 29, 2008

Here come the D-Train!

I absolutely love when athletes turn out to have the exact same personalities that you imagined/hoped they would. To wit: Dontrelle Willis, who is exactly the same slightly arrogant yet goofy and adorable person I've always known he was. Here he is hanging out with Ryan Howard and David Wright on the set of their new Topps commercial. I saw Dontrelle pitch at Pro Player Stadium during his unreal 2004 season and it was awesome.

Oh, and if you need another reason to love the Dontrelle: He's a blogger.

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Pepster said...

I agree wholeheartedly about the D-Train. As an actual Marlins fan, and having not only seen him pitch, but bumped into him in restaurants a couple of times, he is the nicest and most funloving guy.

My question - what were you doing at Pro Player? Marlins fans don't even go there!