Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Live "Glog": Bruins v. Senators

So I learned today that the proper technological term for live-blogging a game is "glogging." I'd seen the term before, but honestly, I kind of just thought everyone was spelling it wrong. Well, color me enlightened: "Glog" is a portmanteau of "G-ame" and "b-LOG." Thanks, Punter!

Accordingly, here is my (ahem!) glog of the 2nd period of the Bruins game (it's currently the 3rd, which makes this a LIVE glog):


Thank you.

That is all.


The Hockey Bunny said...

MERDE! C'etait MERDE, je te dit!!!

Mais je crois que le vrai probleme est notre gardien (s)...c'est triste a dire, parce'que j'adore son attitude, mais il y a une raisone pourquoi Tim etait en Europe avant de joiner les B's...

futuremrsrickankiel said...

My god that was sexy.

Comicbook Guy said...

between the sexy french and your new pic, this is my new favorite blog...... and yes, it was horseshit

The Hockey Bunny said...

woohoo! je suis le sexy!

Haha wouldn't it be awesome if I only posted in French from now on....?

SRV said...

Great glog there...I didnt see the call but your comment facking killed me! very nice!!