Thursday, November 8, 2007

Celts now 3-0, Boston fans still enjoy ridiculously inflated senses of self-worth

To be honest, I was kind of hoping the C's game against Denver last night would give me something interesting to comment on, but the Nuggets wound up getting absolutely thrashed and I am left with no choice but to perpetuate the never-ending douchebaggery that being a Boston fan entails these days. In case you missed the game (which you probably did because the only channel even showing it in Boston was Comcast Sports for some reason), here's a quick summary:
  1. Boston scores.
  2. Denver takes it down the court, shoots, misses.
  3. Kevin Garnett rebounds, makes everyone around him look small and helpless.
  4. Boston takes it back down, scores.
  5. Carmelo Anthony fouls someone.
  6. Celtics fans drink more, cheer for Kevin Youkilis.
  7. Boston scores again.
  8. Bob Cousy makes reference to Togo Palazzi. (Fun fact: Back in the day, when I was railroaded into playing basketball since I was one of those awkward chicks who hit 5'7" by 6th grade, I went to one of Togo's basketball clinics. I'm awesome!)
  9. Boston scores again.
  10. Eduardo Najera checks reflection in shiny surface of parquet floor to ensure that hair is still properly coiffed.
  11. Boston scores.
  12. Lather.
  13. Rinse.
  14. Repeat.

The final score was 119-93, and even that isn't really indicative of how much of an ass-whomping this game was. The Celts led 77-38 at the half and enjoyed a lead of 41 at one point. Whoo baby... BOSTON!

Incidentally, the Bruins lost to Buffalo in overtime last night, so there you go. We too suffer setbacks and face hardships.

Question of the day #1 -- Which is actually more asinine: to be a douchebaggy Boston fan, or to complain about how you really WANT not to be a douchebaggy Boston fan, but can't HELP it because your teams are all just so GOOD? (Obviously, I'm a fan of the latter.)

Question of the day #2 -- Should I buy this? (Correct answer: Yes.)

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