Monday, November 19, 2007


In keeping with today's theme of Baseball Players Who Aren't Complete Jackasses, I am THRILLED to announce that, as of 1 pm today, Mike Lowell has accepted a 3-year contract for between $36 and $38 million to remain a member of the Boston Red Sox.

In other big trade news, the White Sox traded ace/fantasy team underachiever Jon Garland to the Angels for Orlando Cabrera, and Tom Glavine returned to Atlanta in an $8 million deal. My lovely roommate Laura will be thrilled.

The AL MVP will be announced at 2 pm, but I'll only be posting about that if the player who wins isn't, well, a complete jackass. So you probably won't see anything on here.

Update: I've been advised by a co-worker not to get excited, as Lowell hasn't actually inked the deal yet. Must... not... get... excited...

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