Monday, November 5, 2007

Danny Ainge, second baseman

Fun fact of the day: Did you know that, prior to joining the Boston Celtics organization in 1981, Danny Ainge had been a promising second baseman in the Toronto Blue Jays farm system for four seasons? Red Auerbach bought out the remainder of Ainge's contract in order to bring him to Boston.

Wow, that's a lucky break. Rescued from obscurity in the farm system of a crappy Canadian baseball team (I hear Canada actually had TWO baseball teams back then) to become part of what is still the most revered sports dynasty in the history of, well, sports. Well done, Danny Ainge.

Now you know!

Back to preventing foreclosure. By which I mean looking at videos of hurling on YouTube, because Irish people hitting one another just isn't something you see every day.

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