Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Jeff Feagles has a nice ass

Heh. This video is humorous because it could potentially lead one to infer that one man has a homosexual crush on another, as evidenced by his clear familiarity with/admiration of the other man's gluteal region.

Funnier by far, however, are the comments on the actual YouTube page. God, and I thought the mouth-breathing troglodytes that comment on the FanHouse blogs were bad? I forgot that YouTube is the ultimate common denominator of websites. Some highlights:

take plaxico buress, ammani toomer, and micheal stratain out o fthe giants and u have a whole different team

Funny. I would have assumed that a legitimate football fan would actually know how to spell the names of the players they were talking about. Not nailing Umenyiora or Houshmandzadeh on the first try is one thing... but failing to spell Michael correctly? That makes baby jesus cry. Then, of course, there's:

do you actually whatch football?? the ravens stoped them on 4th down but the dumb ass coach called a time out.they had the game won.learn your facts first

Learn your spelling first, sir. Then concern yourself with the facts. And finally, we have my favorite:

drakebellrocks12345 (3 days ago)
uhh..... fuckhead, he is hes going to wine when he gets his ass kicked by the patoriots ohh and drake bell is my brother. thats why my accounts name is drake bell you fucker. and about that game bing unfair watch that game at least 2-3 times and you will see that the refs were unfair. i hate saying this but go pats

A quick Google search would suggest that this young man is claiming to be the brother of this Drake Bell, some sort of manufactured Hannah Montana-type entertainer about whom I might know/care if I were 12 years old and still thought body glitter was the ultimate in sophisticated fashion statements . Somehow, I'm not convinced that being a member of the immediate family of some such underage hack entitles one to dole out poorly-spelled and ill-researched football prognostications. The Patriots do not need or want your support, Mr. Bell. Go watch "10 Items or Less" or whatever it is people as dumb as you do in your free time.

All this being said, I'll clearly morph into a complete dipshit the minute I pull on my Brady jersey and hit the streets this Sunday. Perhaps I should withhold judgment.

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Comicbook Guy said...

"take plaxico buress, ammani toomer, and micheal stratain out o fthe giants and u have..."
The New York Jets?
The Bengals?

Hey, my beautiful latina sportsbabe, will be thinking of you Sunday.