Sunday, January 13, 2008

Magnanimous in victory! Pfft nah just kidding

Yesterday was awesome.

David Garrard and his Jaguars put up a decent fight, but we prevailed. And thank god, too. It's been painfully obvious since we almost blew it against the Eagles in Week 12 that we have no defense to speak of -- sure, we'll turn a great play every now and again, but we're simply not a physical presence that can shut down a rushing play, and we're practically a nonentity inside the red zone. Our defense looked weak against Jacksonville and got scrappy and desperate as a result. I've never seen so many damn unnecessary roughness calls in my life. Plus, giving away an 88-yard scoring drive followed by a 95-yard one? That shouldn't happen.

Thank god for Moss and Welker. Ben Watson was clutch too. We might not have much of a defense, but holy CRAP no one has an offense like we do. And forget that old saw about the best offense being a good defense, because defense doesn't win Superbowls. Just ask Lovie Smith.

You know who DOES win Superbowls?



My hand in marriage and a dowry consisting of several fine milk cows and a chest of hand-sewn linens to the gentleman (or lady; it's Massachusetts, so we can do that now) who can provide me with tickets to the game next week.


Comicbook Guy said...

How about a spot on the couch beside me with all the beer you want if I cam occasionally leer at you while pretending to watch my 37" High Def"?

futuremrsrickankiel said...

I was thinking of making a drinking game of it... like, every time Rodney Harrison draws a flag you take a shot? But then I realized I don't want to wind up in the hospital.

Comicbook Guy said...

How about a shot of Stoli for every phantom holding call. A beer for each block Randy Moss throws and, my personal favorite,a game I like to call Lets Watch Tom Smile and hahve another shot. Hospitals are for weaklings and Green Bay fans