Thursday, February 7, 2008

Oh this is just awesome

Ha! It seems that Topps, maker of baseball cards since back when people actually collected baseball cards, has decided to include a little extra incentive for collectors in the new packs they're releasing next week. 1 in every 70 packs will include a card with former NYC mayor/failed presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani celebrating the Red Sox' 2007 World Series win with the team. (Sorry, that picture quality is kind of crappy, but it's the best I could find.)

Apparently, the card was designed in response to a comment Giuliani made earlier this year: when asked who he was pulling for in the World Series, Giuliani answered that he was supporting the Red Sox because he's "an American League fan." Needless to say, this alienated many Yankees fans (and possibly Mets fans)... and quite frankly confuses the hell out of me. Who gets chauvinistic about their league or conference? I think it's pretty standard practice to root AGAINST whatever team from your conference/league/division/intergalactic space alliance makes it to the playoffs, since their winning a playoffs berth would presumably have excluded your team from doing so at some point along the way. Sure, I pull for the AL during the All-Star game, but only because it may eventually benefit my team for the AL to have won (and because Magglio Ordonez fills me with indescribable joy).


Nah, it just doesn't get me all that fired up.

I think Rudy is mixing baseball up with politics. In a presidential election, of course, it makes sense that even if the candidate you vote for in the primaries doesn't win the party nomination, you'll still probably vote where your party loyalties lie. Somehow, though, I don't see myself ever cheering the Yankees on in the postseason just because my Red Sox didn't make it there.


Hampton, Matthew A said...

While I have to say I agree that we need to give Rudy all the flack (and more) that he so richly deserves, I can identify with rooting in-league when it comes to championships that some of us have not seen since 1990, said the displaced Reds fan.

But perhaps I've said too much.

I know how you Sox fans get, though. I was at the riots at UMASS in 2004, it was the first and only time someone has ever thrown a molotov cocktail at me.*

*I did not deserve it.

futuremrsrickankiel said...

I don't throw Molotov cocktails. Only directionless haymakers.