Monday, February 18, 2008


The Dwight Howard "It's a dunk if I say it is, bitches" performance was also pretty cool, but for sheer deliciousness it was Gerald Green's slam dunk in the dunk contest on Saturday night that... wait for it... TOOK THE CAKE. Ha!

Big ups to the East for representing and pulling out the win thanks to the superhuman (as always) efforts of LeBron James. I, along with most people, was expecting the West to carry the day, soooo yeah that's exciting.

You know what's NOT exciting? NASCAR on TV. Every year I tell myself I'm going to try and get into watching NASCAR on TV, and every year I am utterly unsuccessful because it is just so freaking boring. There's so much advertising and sponsorship talk and other hoopla that I completely forget that there's any kind of actual sporting competition going on. It's like watching pop-up ads battle to the death or something. "Let's go, free trial month of Netflix! You can take down that wussy Find Your High School Classmates!" It's too bad, too, because the excitement of being at a NASCAR race live is such a freaking rush. It's so LOUD, man. Sadly, no TV coverage ever does it justice... although at least the FOX coverage, unlike ESPN's disastrous attempt at it last year, is actually somewhat watchable.

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