Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Spring Training games, Day 1

In case you hadn't heard, Spring Training games officially got under way today. At long last, the questions you've been losing sleep over during the offseason will finally be answered:

Reds v. Phillies: Will Dusty Baker actually be a decent manager now that he doesn't have phenomenal pitching talent to run into the ground through overuse?

Mets v. Tigers: Will Detroit now be ridiculously, mindblowingly good, or just really really good?

Rockies v. White Sox: Will Orlando Cabrera's production at the top of the lineup make up for the loss of Jon Garland and his pretty-boy facial hair?

Royals v. Rangers: Can two teams with no pitching staff to speak of actually complete a full-length major league baseball game?

Nationals v. Marlins: No questions here: Either way, Jeffrey Loria is delighted at the misery he leaves in his wake.

Update: One of the guys at Walk Off Walk actually had the mental fortitude to live-blog an XM radio broadcast of the Reds' loss to the Phillies. Apparently Jamie Moyer can still pitch in between getting surgery and making weird old-man noises every time he gets up from the bench. Who knew?


Hampton, Matthew A said...

As a Reds fan, I would argue that Dusty certainly DOES have the talent to run into the ground, including but not limited to:

Aaron Harang, who would have won a Cy Young by now in a bigger ballpark.

Bronson Arroyo - by the way, how did Wily Mo Pena work out for you guys?

Josh Fogg, Matt Belisle and young guns Homer Bailey and Edinson Volquez.

In summation, Dusty has PLENTY of stuff to fuck up.


Hmm, now I'm sad.

futuremrsrickankiel said...

Aaron Harang, who would have won a Cy Young by now in a bigger ballpark.

That's a bold assertion, sir. I'm not sure I'd put either Arroyo or Harang in a category with Mark Prior and Kerry Wood when they were in their primes.

Nonetheless, your point that there's still plenty of potential for Baker to make a mess of your team stands... sorry!

Hampton, Matthew A said...

I stand by my comments regarding the Harangutan. He gets no respect. I was perhaps a bit overzealous regarding Bronson, but it's hard to fight off the unbridled enthusiasm of Spring Training. And also I'd been drinking.