Monday, February 4, 2008

A sight for sore eyes

Mmm. There we go. All better now.

Here's my beloved signing autographs and flashing his sexiest smile at the Cardinals' Winter Warm-up... and reminding me not to despair, because (as the lovely Smurphette also pointed out) pitchers and catchers report for spring training in exactly 10 days, 13 hours, 18 minutes, and 34 seconds. (33... 32... 31...) The long, bleak stretch between the NFL and MLB seasons is upon us, but at least sexy Rick's smile will help pull me through.

Also, the Beanpot is on. BC and BU are tied 3-3 with 2:28 left in the third period... what a game! (Harvard beat Northeastern earlier, but both of those teams are significantly less dominant, so whoever wins this BC/BU game will most likely take the tournament in the finals next Monday.) Not gonna lie, I love me some BU hockey, so go Terriers! True story: my brother and I went to the first game at the new Agannis Arena when it opened (BU/UNH), and Mike FREAKING Eruzione was in front of me in line to get food. Pretty sweet.

Thank god for good, local college hockey right now, because I absolutely can't flip to any national sports channels. NESN pretty much makes a business of ignoring the football season entirely, so I'm safe as long as I stay here (and keep browsing the photo galleries. Chris Carpenter's new facial hair? Dig it).

Update: BC wound up winning 4-3 in overtime. This is the first time in 14 years that BU hasn't appeared in the Beanpot finals, and will also be the first time this BC senior class has been to the Beanpot, so that's fun for them.


SDW said...

Is he wearing curtains in that picture?

Grimey said...

@sdw: He used the same fabric he used to wallpaper his bathroom.

smurphette said...

You're not too shabby, yourself :) Ladies who truly love (and are knowledgeable about) sports are few and far between, so we have to stick together. And just so you know, my loathing for Boston sports is confined to the Pats, since Indiana doesn't have a baseball team and the Nats are in the NL. (Yes, I am a Nats fan. Don't laugh.)